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Jets Will Miss Kris Jenkins at Miami

The Jets will miss Kris Jenkins in every game they play, but the loss might be more pronounced than usual this weekend. Even with the addition of Brandon Marshall, Miami is a run first team. They have run the ball on 57% of offensive plays in this young season. Having a second nose tackle on the line would be a nice luxury for the Jets against a talented and physical offensive line. Think back to the game the Jets lost in Miami in the waning seconds last year. The Dolphins ran it down New York's throat on the final drive. Jenkins was the only Jet consistently winning his matchups.

An issue just as big might be what the injury did to this team's depth up front. The Dolphins are at a disadvantage late in the year playing road games at cold weather sites against division rivals. The opposite is true early in the year where the South Florida heat and humidity can drain opponents not used to it. It would be nice to rotate Jenkins, Sione Pouha, Shaun Ellis, and Mike Devito to limit their snaps. Now the Jets will need some backups to really step up and spell the starters without dropping the quality of play.

Our eyes turn to Vernon Gholston and Matt Kroul.