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Darrelle Revis Has Strained Hamstring

Darrelle Revis' hamstring is strained as per Revis in his interview today:

On how strained the doctors said it was…
They just said it is strained.  They said it could take one to two weeks, or it could take a week.  It depends on how my body recovers. 
On whether he will play or not against Miami…
I don’t know yet.  We’ll find out when I actually get to run on my legs. 
On how his hamstring feels right now…
Standing right here talking to you guys, I don’t feel anything.  As soon as I raise this (his leg) up a little bit, it’s a little tight.  That’s how I feel right now.


As I said last night, he should sit until he's 100%. If he's playing at less than full strength, his value diminishes. It's best to get him completely healthy opposed to letting this thing linger or potentially get worse. The next two weeks feature teams, Miami and Buffalo, lacking dynamic passing games, Brandon Marshall aside