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Meet Jenkins and Keller Tomorrow

DT Kris Jenkins and TE Dustin Keller will have separate events tomorrow.

Keller will be at Woodbury Commons in New York State for a Reebok event:

On Tuesday, Reebok is hosting an event at the Reebok store at Woodbury Commons.  From 3-7pm, there will be a Zig-shaped training course set up with sport-specific elements enclosed (think plyometric boxes, ladder drills, a football toss, etc.).  There will be prizes given out throughout the day.

Meanwhile, Jenkins will be at Livingston Mall in New Jersey.  From his facebook page:

My banged up knee will not stop me from seeing my fans!! I will definitely be doing my autograph signing this Tuesday, September 21st at Sports Express inside Livingston Mall from 6-8pm. Big thanks to everyone for their support - hope to see you on Tuesday!