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Should Joe McKnight Make Jets' 53-Man Roster?

RB Joe McKnight, Jets' fourth-round draft pick, started his tenure as a Jet by throwing up in rookies' minicamp.

Since then, he has had one electrifying punt return, but also coughed up the football three times during preseason.

Manish shared some of Rex's comments on Twitter, touching on what the RBs' status with the team is right now:

Rex on mcknight: "I don't see how he can make the active roster. Disappointed in him" #nfl #nyj

Rex says mcknight "is going to make this team. I'm just not going to play him." #nfl #Jets

So, according to this, McKnight WILL make the 53-man roster, but Rex will deactivate him every week until he proves his worth.

Before this evening's game, during it, and after I felt as if McKnight should be demoted to practice squad. He is still young and has a lot of upside, and we have to keep him in our system, but we need consistency this year if we want to make a Super Bowl run, and cannot afford mistakes such as the ones he is making.

How do you feel, GGN?