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How Far Can New England Push the Edge?

The Jets love to overload one side of the field and blitz, particularly on passing downs. One technique to combat this is to go double tight end. Having an extra guy on the line pushes the edge further out and makes the distance to the quarterback longer.

New England likes to spread the field on passing downs. It is worth noting that they used a lot of double tight formations last week. Part of it was necessity. They only had four wide receivers active. Part of it was that they really like their rookie duo at the position, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

It will be interesting to see whether Julian Edelman plays. If so, we will have to see how it affect's New England's approach. How frequently will Edelman replace the tight end? Will they leave the tight ends in on passing downs to push the edge out, or will they split them wide as both have talent as receivers.

It is something to watch.