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Where Will David Clowney Fit?

The Jets cut fan favorite Danny Woodhead this week to bring back David Clowney. It was kind of a striking move because the coaches raved about Woodhead on Hard Knocks. The only thing that had the coaches raving about Clowney was the potential Mike Westhoff said he has shown since George W. Bush was President and never realized. Brian Schottenheimer said he had no real plans to use Clowney on offense. It's worth wondering whether that has changed.

Clowney is a one-dimensional player. The attribute he has is speed. The Jets could not get the ball down the field in the opener. Part of it was Mark Sanchez not even looking that way late in the game. Part of it, though, was the receivers. On the few shots Sanchez took (and there were a few), receivers could not break the coverage.

When Patriots almost went undefeated in 2007, everybody knew about Randy Moss and Wes Welker. People tend to forget, though, that Donte Stallworth had 46 catches for 697 yards. Stallworth frequently lined up on different sides of the field. His job was to run deep routes like Moss and make defenses pay if they shaded their coverage too far in Moss' direction. Clowney's job could be to play that role for Braylon Edwards.*  Perhaps he can get deep on his own once against a talented but young secondary and make a big play. For an offense struggling to put together any sustained drives, that could make a real difference.

*New England fans reading this site, please realize that I am in no way saying Edwards and Clowney are as good as Moss and Stallworth.