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0-2: End of the World?

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Sunday's game is a big one. The Jets do not want to lose a pair of home conference games to start the year. Would the season really be over with a loss, though? I do not think so. To be honest, when the schedule first came out, I said to myself that I just want the Jets to avoid an 0-3 start with such a difficult first three games.

The team will probably lose two in a row at some point this season. It may very well be in the first two weeks of the year. Would they be playing out the string from that point? Just remember, the 1998 Jets that went 12-4 and to the AFC Championship Game had an 0-2 start of their own.

There's no question winning this game would make life easier on this team. Losing a lot early reduces the margin for error late. With that said, I have seldom been this confident with the talent level of a Jets team. These guys are good enough to run off ten wins in a row. Once they start playing well, they might be tough to cool off. I'm not convinced even the dreaded 0-3 start would necessarily be a nail in the coffin.

Let's hope we never have to find out.