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Jets Must Attack Tom Brady

Three games stick out as the most effective games the Jets have played defensively against Tom Brady in recent years. They were the road games at Foxborough in 2006 and 2007 and the home game in 2009. Although there were two different head coaches in these games, there was one constant. The Jets constantly attacked Brady with well designed and well timed blitzes. They also disguised their looks with linemen roaming the line of scrimmage before putting their hands down late and faked blitzes to try and confuse protection schemes.

Brady is a great quarterback. When he has time, he picks defenses apart. His talented corps of receivers will eventually get open if given time. The way the Pats play, though, leave them somewhat vulnerable to good blitzes. They like to spread the field and can be caught in a numbers game. No matter how good the protection is, if there are more men rushing the passer than blocking, teams can get to Brady.

This approach has risks, namely the ability of big play receivers to exploit man coverage. Most teams, though, do not have Darrelle Revis playing Randy Moss. If the Jets want to shut down New England's attack, they have to get aggresive. Brady torched them in Foxborough last year when Gang Green used a more conventional look with four down linemen rushing.