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Revis on Moss: "He Played Like a Slouch"

When CB Darrelle Revis and WR Randy Moss faced off last year, it was a battle we could not keep our eyes off of.
As usual, Revis won, holding the all-pro wideout to just 9 catches for 58 yards in both games coombined. He also came away with an INT.

Back in January, Revis referred to Moss as a "slouch," regarding his performance in last year's matchup in Giants Stadium. Ron Borges sat down with the shutdown CB and asked him about the comment, probably thinking he would retract the statement. Revis did no such thing:

"I called him a slouch because I felt he played like a slouch," Revis said. "They tried to come after me in the second game. He wasn’t a slouch in the second game (but)…if I said it in January you guys know (when) I said it.’’

Moss has also said he'd worked all offseason to "stay off Revis Island." Revis' response?

"If that’s what he said I guess that’s what he’s been preparing for all off-season." "He said it with a laugh but it’s been on his mind for the whole offseason. Randy speaks the truth. He speaks how he feels. Obviously, if he said that, it was on his mind.’’

You've gotta love Revis' confidence in his game and passion for beating New England. He may only be in his fourth year with the team, but he knows how important this rivalry is, and he certainly doesn't shy away from his role in it.