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Owens Up to Old Tricks, Takes a Shot at Sanchez

Some people never change. WR Terrell Owens is no exception. He's been a member of the Cincinnati Bengals for less than two months, and he is already running his mouth.

This time, he chose to attack QB Mark Sanchez. You know, the QB that lead the Jets to victory against the Bengals twice last year, spoiling their season. 

T.O. and Ochocinco have been doing weekly segments on The Daily Line, and in his most recent appearance, Owens had some words about Sanchez on the show:

"If they're gonna put him on a platform like that, if they're gonna make him the next Joe Namath, so to speak, then he has to come out there and he has to perform on a weekly basis," Owens said.  "I expected a lot more out of Sanchez myself."

Owens is best known for leading the league in dropped passes in 2008,  his VH1 reality show, and most recently, engaging in a never-ending circle-jerk known as "Batman and Robin" with teammate Chad Ochocinco