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Don't Blame Rex Ryan's Talk for Slow Start

The Jets get plenty of press for the confidence they express to the media, the head coach in particular. I have heard a few people claim it hurt the team in the loss to the Ravens. I have heard others say it will hurt the club during the year, put a target on the team's back, and provide extra motivation. I find this argument tough to believe.

Gang Green did plenty of talking last year. It didn't hurt the team then. Will anybody really try harder to beat the Jets because they talk? Would Ray Lewis have really given less than maximum effort had Rex Ryan not been boastful? The truth is that the Jets just say in public what every other team says in private.

These side issues are things pundits look to after the fact for stories. Remember Eric Mangini? In his first year, the team went to the Playoffs. His reserved demeanor "instilled discipline."  In his last year, the team collapsed. That same reserved demeanor cost the team because he "lacked fire." It was the same guy. He acted the same way. The only difference was in the results. There was no cause and effect relationship.

This shows that coaches should just be themselves. They cannot communicate their message in the most effective way if they do not. That message becomes something other than their own. Rex Ryan's talk might upset people. It might cause rival fans and players to have extra joy when the Jets lose. There is no one perfect style, though.