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Edwards Responds To Namath's Stinging Remarks

If you follow Joe Namath on twitter you will know that he was not best pleased about the Jets performance against the Baltimore Ravens, after all he is a Jets fan now just like the rest of him, however his criticisms reach the players and warrant a response. He was quoted in the New York Post critisizing Braylon Edwards:

"I said Baltimore has no respect for the speed we have outside. Who do they have to worry about going deep going into last night's game? I don't consider [Jerricho] Cotchery or [Braylon] Edwards deep threats."

Why isn't Namath an Edwards fan?

"Can't catch the ball, for one thing," Namath said. "Or rarely does. He has as many drops as he does catches."

Now I know that Braylon has had his issues in the past, but am I the only one who considers this comment to be completely unfair and categorically untrue. I know that some fans don't think you should criticize Joe Namath because of his contribution to the only successful season this franchise has had, but I think there is a line and he has crossed it here.

Braylon had a couple of drops last season, and a couple of them were absolute stinkers, but he also had some pretty big plays as well, 35 receptions for 541 yards with a 15.5 average shows that he is a big play receiver and he doesn't drop as many as he catches. In fact it seems that Mr Namath has blindly taken an overly used stigmatization and regurgitated it as an excuse to criticize a guy who had very little to do with the loss on Monday.

Braylon is a deep threat, but how does he catch the ball when he's not targeted? I don't have the privilege of seeing the whole field to see how many times he got open, but I do remember him being in single coverage a couple of times. Again we took no shots his way, he works with confidence and although we saw him drop a few catches last season we saw him catch a hell of a lot more, and we saw that he was indeed a deep threat regardless of what Broadway Joe says.

When asked to comment, Braylon opted for a respectful response as reported by Cimini (and I'm sure to his dismay, as ESPN would kill to start an in-organization war of words, think of the hits.)

"That's his mouth, his words. I really don't think Mr. Namath knows me. I'm sure he's never followed me. He's a Jet guy and I was in Cleveland for five years, and I had one bad season. I'm not going to get into a back-and-forth with Mr. Namath. Too much respect. All I can say is, I don't think he really knows me. Tell him next time he's here, stop by my locker and he can tell me that."

Now we all respect Joe Namath, he wasn't a brilliant QB, but he brought home a title and for that we are all going to be eternally grateful, but lets not take his word for gospel. Here I think Broadway Joe is just plain wrong.