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A Day Removed

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That was a rough loss. The Jets kept shooting themselves in the foot. There were untimely turnovers and costly penalties. Kris Jenkins was lost for the year with a torn ACL. Mark Sanchez played an abysmal football game and did not look like an NFL caliber quarterback.

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You probably thought I am talking about last night's game. I was actually talking about last year's Week 6 loss to Buffalo. It should provide a little perspective. The season was not lost at that point. The Jets recovered.

I'm not happy with what happened. I'm upset about losing Jenkins. I think serious concern about the play of Mark Sanchez is justified.

With that said, do not lose perspective. It was one game out of a sixteen game season. The Jets lost by one to a really good team.

Will things turn around? I cannot say, but please don't be that guy who talked nothing but smack during the offseason and then quits on this team at the very first sign of choppy waters.