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Culture Clash. Sports Illustrated. A Sneak Peak

Promo image, used with permission.
Promo image, used with permission.

Every now and then when I check my email I come across something that makes me thankful for what I do here, and tonight was one of those occasions (another will become clear soon). I had the privilege to preview an article which will appear in the Sports Illustrated magazine that goes on sale tomorrow, and if you only listen to me once this year; please go out and buy this issue, this article makes it worthwhile.

I've been permitted to share a small exert with the readers at Gang Green Nation. Senior writer Tim Layden has taken a look at the culture clash in the NFL at the moment, between the business like teams (Patriots) and their brasher counterparts (Jets). It makes you think and it makes you consider a few questions.

"Even in a changing universe of behavior, it was Ryan’s performance in Hard Knocks that established a new level of NFL personality. The Jets’ edition was the highest rated in the series’ history, and Ryan—unfiltered, profane and passionate—towered over everyone and everything else on the show.

I can't reveal anything else, so to understand the context you'll have to buy the magazine tomorrow. I'm sure many of you already are loyal readers, but if you're not and only pick up an odd copy here and there, tomorrow's is a great one to pick up.

*exert used with permission from sports illustrated.

Edition of Sports Illustrated goes on sale, Wednesday 15th September