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Ryan's Event Recap from Stout NYC Party

Our own David Vill and Ryan243 attended the Edge Anti-Irritation party at Stout NYC last night.

Here is his recap:

Having been fortunate to attend the Edge Shave Gel Anti-Irritation party for the Jets and MNF kickoff last night….I never realized that the Irritation theme of the night wasn’t about skin irritation after shaving, or the annoyances of being a New Yorker and living in NY (per the pre-game comedian sets). Unfortunately, it was about watching the future Super Bowl Champion NY Jets.

The event was really cool.  Open bar.  Free bar food (chips/guac, chicken tenders, pigs in a blanket, etc).  Hot waitresses. Video games and ping pong. Lots of flat screens to see the game.  Unlike most bars they actually had sound rather than cheesy Brittany Spears songs from the late 90s serving as the highlight to the game (typical Murray Hill bars).   I brought my girlfriend to the event – who admittedly is not much of a football fan but I tried to serve as a coach/commentator for her throughout the game.  Bringing a girlfriend to watch football doesn’t result in making any friends at a bar during a game, but I was content not making friends and just watching the game.  


Don’t want to use the same old Jets refrain – but really it was the same old Jets.  Penalties extending drives (that Braylon Edwards roughing the kicker penalty) combined with Kyle Wilson pass interference turned a FG into a TD. Offsides. Pass Interference. Holding. The penalties just kept coming and are just (in my opinion) the mark of an undisciplined, stupid football team.  Perhaps the unintended result of Hard Knocks was a camp that stressed showcasing player’s athleticism and guys having fun over guys getting disciplined on the line and in game situations.  Penalties cost us that game; as badly as our offense played – the third down conversions allowed to Baltimore and the penalties gave Baltimore that win.