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Jets Flight Connections 09-14-10

The Fifth Down and Football Outsiders knocks some sense into Week 1 worriers.

Baltimore seemed motivated by "Hard Knocks". (Good thing New England QB Tom Brady didn't watch that show.)

Steve Politi: Hard to Watch: the Regular Season with the New York Jets.

Our new motto: Go ugly early.

DT Kris Jenkins will have an MRI today. I hope the Cookie Monster is fine.

Filip Bondy believes CBs Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie were covering the wrong guys.

WR Braylon Edwards comments on getting penalized for touching the kicker.

Here's a good question from AFC East Blog.

Rich Cimini lists the team's penalties.

Jets Kvetch's initial reaction is less calmer than their later, more reasonable assessment.

Jet Nation grades the Jets.

Mark Cannizzaro grades the Jets.

Bart Hubbuch on PSLs: Plenty of Seats Left.

The Jets are still the 8th most powerful team in league.

Bob Raissman was disappointed there wasn't enough mention of Ines Sainz last night.

Instead of complaining about lack of coverage, The Times actually writes about the incident.

And here's Deadspin's Extremely In-Depth Profile in Courage.

Greg Bishop converses with Nicholas Dawidoff about Gang Green, the NFL and more.