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Game 1 Round-Up: The Good and the Bad

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Now, I'm as disappointed as anyone that last night didn't go out the way it did. I was looking forward to getting the win, picking up Halo Reach, then celebrating my 21st birthday. Let's step away from the ledge a little though, it is the first game, and champions are not decided on the first game. Offenses usually take a few games to get going, which is why you're seeing even teams like the Colts and Saints struggle to put up a lot of points. Speaking of the Colts, they're one of the teams that's 0-1, along with the Vikings, Chargers, Bengals, and Falcons (who put up as many points against the Steelers). Just because you're a contender doesn't mean you destroy every team. Baltimore is a good team, and the Jets we're a point short, and the game could have gone either way.

Anyway, let's get to the Good and the Bad from last night:


Bryan Thomas: He had a few sacks, pressure, and covered well. One of the best game's I've seen him play. \

Run Defense: The Jets absolutely shut down Ray Rice. He longest run was like 7 yards or something.

Turnovers: For once, the Jets won the turnover battle. Too bad this game is going down as one of those rare games where you win the turnover battle 3-1 and still lose.

LaDanian Tomlinson - The dude can still flat out play. Had a couple of explosive runs and probably led the team in receptions. I think Sanchez is a little too eager to use him sometimes, he was captain-checkdown all night.


3rd Down Blitz: Blame Kyle Wilson and Cro for those 3rd down plays all you want, but those 7-man blitzes took WAYYY too long to get home. I don't know if it was the Jets or the Ravens picking up the blitz well, but it has to improve.

Shonn Greene: Fumbled twice, dropped an easy pass, and was benched for about half the game. Not a good debut as the Thomas Jones heir.

Entire Intermediate/Long Passing Game: Pass protection was iffy, receivers weren't getting open, and the play calling was awful, in my opinion. It seems to me as if this offense is too complicated; like they're trying so hard to get the perfect play rather than just going out and executing. It's tough to find rhythm when you spend all of your time doing check after check at like lone of scrimmage. Just snap it and go.

So, it's not the end of the world, folks. Baltimore may turn out to be the best team we play. Week 1 games mean almost nothing besides the win column. No one knows how good everyone is. Remember when the Chargers started 0-3 last year? Or when Denver started 6-0 and failed to make the playoffs? It's a long season people, so just enjoy the ride.