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Dustin Keller/Mark Sanchez Briefly Explain The Final Play

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I took these quotes from the post-game interviews, still scratching my head a little about the play:


I got him the ball as soon as I could. There was a defender playing under, so I had to throw it over him. That’s why he didn’t have much time at the end to tap his feet. Other than that, I don’t know.


When I caught the ball I thought I was right at the spot and could just go out of bounds ahead of the first-down mark, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

It was just one play on a night where you could pick out many, but it's always disappointing to see something like that. I'm not sure what happened, maybe the hit he took from Ray Lewis scrambles his sense of direction. Maybe he was so concerned about the clock that he forgot to look where the first down marker was. He says he thought he was at the first down marker, and it's frustrating to see that he got it so wrong. It wasn't even that close.

It is an explanation as to what happened though. Again it was only one play on a night where you can highlight many offensive plays that didn't go to plan. It was a fitting way to end the game for the offence though.