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Ines Sainz Wasn't Offended

According to, TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz was surprised that the Jets are being investigated after her visit:

"I was surprised to wake up on Sunday and have a call from the NFL , saying that they wanted to talk to me about what had happened at the Jets; and I asked… what happened?" Sainz told TV Azteca. "And they said well there is a pretty powerful accusation of harassment and then it was at that point I realized the magnitude of what had happened. "

She knew some of the players were joking with her, and in her own words, "I wasn't offended." Nonetheless, the AWSM (Association for Women in Sports Media) and the NFL are right to investigate. At least, we will surely find out whether the allegations are baseless or not. In the end, though, I think all this really stems from some MoFo writing something on a certain blog based on a beat writer's twitter posts without checking any facts first, even though the writer clarified it soon after that incredible blogger posted his blog.

Here's how it went down, for those of you who until now are lucky enough to be unaware of it. On Saturday, Bart Hubbuch posted on twitter that the DBs were having fun overthrowing the football towards Sainz (a la the Corona commercial). MoFo then posted on his blog that the Jets were "acting like frat-boys" etc. (If you don't know who he is, he is that emeffer with the M.F. initials. The mention of his actual name sickens me.) Hubbuch then responded and clarified it that it was all in good fun, and even Ines was laughing about it. The NFL then decided to look into it.