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GGN Does a MNF Collabo Article with Covers' Editorial Staff

The MNF faceoff with the Ravens is less than 24 hours away. The Redskins and Cowboys gave us a treat tonight, in a game that came down to the final play.

Tomorrow's games look to be just as enticing, as the Jets take on the Ravens at 7 p.m. est., and Chargers travel to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Chiefs at 10:15 p.m. 

Look for our full preview on the game posted on here around noon tomorrow. 

For now, we have a little teaser, as a couple of our brothers from across the way also gave their take on tomorrow's primetime TV games in a Q&A with Covers.ComSBN's  Ravens24x7.comArrowhead Pride anBolts From The Blue all participated, and provided the answers to the important questions surrounding said games.

Here is a snippet of the Q & A:

Darrelle Revis has been back on the job for only about a week. Should we expect some rust in his first game? Do you think the Ravens will test him earlier? Do you expect the Jets to blitz a little less until Revis seems up to speed?

Last season, the Jets blitzed more often than any other NFL team. That philosophy won’t change this year. Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine isn’t going to alter his schemes or take his foot off the gas pedal just because Revis chose to hold out. We expect Pettine to throw many different exotic blitz looks at Joe Flacco to disrupt the QB’s timing and rhythm.

Most NFL players aren’t game-fit after just one week of practicing, and missing all four preseason games. Reports cited Revis as showing up to camp last Tuesday five pounds heavier than his normal playing weight of 198 lbs., but he has been working out all week and we don’t think it will affect his play on Monday.

Still, we don’t think QB Joe Flacco will test the shutdown corner much, even early in the game. Rather, we expect the Ravens to run the football with their three-headed monster, in an attempt to control the trenches and shorten the game. 

Baltimore is always a tough team to run on and its secondary is pretty banged up. Should we expect the Jets to come out slinging or do you think they’ll pound the ground with the running game?

We can expect the Jets to come out with a game plan similar to the one they employed in the playoffs last season ---   ground-and-pound to set up the pass. Running back Shonn Greene is fresh and ready to trample any defender in his way, while veteran back LaDainian Tomlinson had an electric preseason and is excelling in the Jets’ zone-blocking scheme which plays into his strengths.

We look for the Jets to establish the run early in order to take the pressure off QB Mark Sanchez. If they can get the Ravens’ defense to over-commit to the run, look for Jets’ offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to counter with a deep play-action pass to WR Braylon Edwards over the top. 

Final score prediction: Jets 20, Ravens 17

To view the article in its entirety, with thoughts from the other SBN blogs and Covers' editoral staff, please click (here).