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NFL Week 1 Coverage Maps

As a starter, either FOX or CBS has a doubleheader every week. The network with the doubleheader will show both an early game and a late game. The network that does not will only show one game. This week FOX has the doubleheader. All of CBS' games are early this week because they will show coverage of the US Open tennis tournament in the late afternoon.

There are exceptions to these rules. For example, when a team in your home market is playing a home game, no other game can be shown on local television. For example, FOX has the doubleheader today, but fans in Boston will only get a late game. The Patriots play an early game on CBS, which means FOX cannot show an early game in Boston.

It appears the NFL has made an exception to this rule today in New York. Although the Giants play early on FOX, fans in New York still get a CBS early game. This is probably because the network has no late game to show and would not get to show any sort of game.

If you are in the New York area you will see:

Bengals at Patriots early on CBS

Panthers at Giants early on FOX

Packers at Eagles late on FOX

Go here to check what you will see if you are out of the area.

The entire nation will see Cowboys at Redskins on NBC tonight, Ravens at Jets tomorrow on ESPN, and Chargers at Chiefs on ESPN.

All NFL games must be shown on an over the air television in each team's local market. If you live in the New York area and do not get ESPN, you can watch Ravens at Jets on Channel 9.