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Some Mailbag Fun: No Love for Bloggers

I receive a fair amount of e-mails from jerks, and I'm sure John B. and David probably receive even more than I do. Maybe it's because I come off as a bit abrasive, and am a hardcore Jets' homer and cannot stand the Cheats or Fish. Whatever, it's in the blood, no reason to beat around the bush and be fake.

Normally I shrug them off. Again, John is even better in this regard than I am. I received a particular e-mail last night, that I figured I'd let you all respond to. I assume this is in response to my divisional predictions article yesterday. Nothing I said was over-the-top or lacking facts, but this guy obviously had too much time on his hands, as the bingo club closes promptly at 8 PM.

There are some interesting things in here for sure! This guy cites the Jets' videotaping of the Patriots' playoff game back in 2007 at Gillette Stadium as being equal to what the Patriots did during Spygate --- and it isn't. He conveniently left out the most important detail --- that the Jets had PERMISSION from the NFL to tape from both end zones. The Cheats DIDN'T and never informed the NFL. As usual, they were looking for ways to cut corners and gain an advantage on their opponents, just like the steroids their defensive unit was imbibing. Also, this took place during the Mangini era of football, and not the current regime. So his argument is completely invalid.

He also mentions the Yankees as an organization which is "bastardizing" sports and hurting small market teams. Maybe he has a point, but are the Red Sox any better? Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house!

Here's the e-mail, which btw, is from someone whom I have never conversed with in my life. He just felt like contacting me because he had nothing better to do. Maybe he can come to our stadium this year for the week 2 matchup and put his money where his mouth is? I hope the New Meadowlands has just as many ketchup/mustard packets and toilet paper rolls as the old one did....

Hey dumbass – just in case you can’t recall history well, the NY Jets were called into the NFL office in Manhattan and "talked to" about there camera work that occurred in a "certain" playoff game. Either you don’t know about this – I wonder how you can be considered an investigative reporter and not know this, or you decide to look the other way when it’s your POS team – which is what approximately 30% of the NFL did when the Patriots got slapped with the fines.

To call the Patriots cheaters for their camera work (what 4 years ago) you’re asshole that deserves to sell refrigerator magnets for living and at the rate you’re going, you might want to adapt the resume to reflect the change in careers.

P.S. You’re probably a POS Yankees fan – they bastardized sports in general as they have cheated everyone from the rape and pillaging of the small teams top players to the average fan – it was laughable to see them ask for top dollar seats at their great new stadium only to have ALL their loyal POS fans thumb their noses at them until the dropped to the prices to just insane levels.

I think I'm going to head out now, as I have a big refrigerator magnet convention to attend..... and business calls! Anyone need any magnets?