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Hard Knocks Recap

Matt unfortunately could not recap the episode so I'm stepping in with an abbreviated recap and thoughts.

-The coaching staff seems to feel like the offense lacks leadership, Anthony Lynn in particular. It's a group of talented players always waiting for somebody else to step up.

-The stories about the Jets being close to having a deal with Darrelle Revis didn't come from anybody with the team. Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum, Woody Johnson, and Bruce Speight were all dumbfounded by the report.

-Bill Callahan likes Matt Slauson a lot. He thinks Slauson is more advanced as a run blocker than a pass blocker. Mike Tannenbaum was obsessed with one blown pass block. It's funny what people focus on. I have been very impressed by Slauson. That one play was the only bad I noticed. HBO made it a central focus of evaluating him.

-Vladmir Ducasse doesn't have the mental aspects of the game. They showed a sideline shot of the Carolina game where he missed a block and thought he did everything right when it was pointed out to him.

-Mark Sanchez and Brian Schottenheimer like to prank each other.

-Rex had a great line pointing at Santonio Holmes' beard and saying that's how a beard like Braylon Edwards has got its start. Braylon was freaked out near the end of the episode while clothes shopping when he found a gray hair on the beard.

-Jason Taylor was late to the preseason opener and to the practice at Hofstra. It was later revealed that he does not like his GPS. That seemed obvious.

-Rex really lit into the team before the Washington game. He essentially told the guys he couldn't be the only one wanting it.

-The financial implications of locking up the core guys long term was on display. Tannenbaum forced Kellen Clemens to choose between taking a paycut and being cut. He discussed the problems paying guys like Laveranues Coles and Tony Richardson would present. He said going cheap on backups was what the team had to do to keep the young stars.

-The scene where Coles was cut more or less confirmed the Jets are bringing him back unless somebody else signs him for the full year. Rex loves his leadership and thinks he has something in the tank.

-Tony Richardson was referred to as a "backup player." The team actually discussed letting him go for financial reasons before thinking better of it. The starting job looks like it might be the Terminator's.