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What Are Fair Darrelle Revis Contract Parameters?

It seems like a number of you are inclined to side with either management or Darrelle Revis during the contract impasse. My guess is both need to bend a little to get something done. Ultimately, though, I don't think any of our thoughts are fully fair for one reason. We don't know what the sides are aiming to get.

The only clue came a few months back when news leaked Revis was demanding $20 million per season, which his camp denied in emphatic fashion.

I would like to see the actual offers leaked so the fans can decide which if not both side is being unreasonable.

This is my question. What do you think a fair deal would be? What is the lowest offer you think management could go without being too cheap? What is the highest amount you think Revis could ask before you think he's gone overboard?