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GGN Fantasy League Update

Cbs_medium is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.

This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

If you are in the Gang Green Nation fantasy football league, you should have received an e-mail regarding joining the league. If you have not, let me know.

If you are not in the GGN league, we still have a great deal for you through's award winning Fantasy Football Commissioner through the site for half price. It's $89.99. Click here to get the deal.

If you are a serious player, this is the way to go. You can customize your home page with league news. You have all kinds of enhanced smack talk features like instant messenger. You also get a free 14 day risk free trial to check it out for yourself. It's under $10 per player in a 10 team league. Finally, you help the site.