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Antonio Cromartie's Aims to Change

The Post has a feature todayon Antonio Cromarite's quest to turn things around off the field.

He, in fact, has embarked on a new chapter in his life. On July 2, he got married. He and his wife, Terricka, have a 3-month-old daughter named Jurzie -- no reference to Cromartie's new home with the Jets.

Terricka, who he met in 2007, is Cromartie's first wife. Jurzie is his eighth child. Having fathered so many children "has made me become more of a humble guy," Cromartie told The Post yesterday. "It makes me want to do more for my kids and be more understanding."

Asked how different it is being married, Cromartie said, "It makes things a lot easier to come home to a supportive wife. I look forward to going home now. Being married lets you have someone at home that cares for you and loves you for you and supports you. That makes you want to do more for your family."



He said his wife is "very understanding and supportive" of the responsibilities he has with his other children, adding, "She understands I want to be involved and there for my kids as much as possible."

A change of scenery often does people good when they want to start over and change their lifestyle for the better. So can the stability of married lfie. Will things work out for Cromartie? Nobody can really say for sure, but the way he is taking responsibility of his situation in public and trying to turn things around is certainly commendable. 

When things are in balance in life, the work place is easier. I think Cromartie's new perspective could make it easier for him to play well.