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Nick Folk Gains Trust

It seems like the Jets are starting to gain faith in Nick Folk.

In the months since, Folk has worked to build trust and consistency on his new team. And judging by Rex Ryan’s comments earlier this week — "I’m officially not worried about our Pro Bowl kicker anymore," the head coach said — Folk has made notable strides.

By fixing his alignment — he said he wasn’t getting his left foot to the correct spot, which was pushing his kicks to the right — and smoothing timing with holder Steve Weatherford, Folk feels like he has reclaimed his rhythm.

Yesterday, he made six of six field goals, with a long of 50 yards, one of his best days since signing with the Jets.

I know Rex can go a bit overboard with the public praise, but I do think the enthusiasm is genuine. There are substantive good results to help the team gain faith in Folk. It isn't just lip service.

The team might want to think about finding a replacement for Weatherford capable of handling kickoffs, though. Folk isn't very good there, and a third roster spot on a kicking specialist would be something of a waste. Just remember, though, the Jets were better than the league average on kickoffs in 2006 when Mike Nugent  could barely get it into the end zone. Mike Westhoff designed schemes around it. Few things are more overrated in my book than leg strength on kickoffs. Putting points on the board on field goal tries is so much more important. As long as Nick makes his kicks, he's doing the job.