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Cromartie Impressing at Camp

Adam Schefter is in Cortland and discusses the way Antonio Cromartie is performing at a high level.

The players have begun to make their marks. During Wednesday's practice, Cromartie put on a show the way he regularly did when he was performing at the top of his game in San Diego.


"His ball skills are God-given," Ryan said of Cromartie. "I don't know how to describe him. I've never seen anything like that. Somebody is calling him a spider because he's so long, he's tall, and he's got those long arms. That's why he gets all those interceptions. Don't forget, he can reach out six feet. He's a rare guy."


On one play, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez thought he had an easy touchdown pass to Jerricho Cotchery.


"I thought it was a for-sure touchdown, and J-Co did, too," Sanchez said. "But Cromartie's long arms reached around and picked it off. I was stunned."


Edwards is sporting the type of bushy beard once worn by Abraham Lincoln. But it must be working.


He and Cromartie have provided some of this camp's most memorable battles.


"Some of his catches are unbelievable," Sanchez said about Edwards. "Him versus Cromartie is such a fun matchup. If I was a fan, that's what I would watch. I would follow those two around all day long and watch them, because they get after it.


"Cromartie has these unbelievable ball skills, but so does Edwards. They push, they scratch, they claw, so it's good for the both of them. It's good for both sides of the ball."

I was never a huge fan of Cromartie's when he was in San Diego. He always impressed me as an underachiever who didn't get the most out of his immense natural talent. I was lukewarm over the trade at the start because of that. I am coming around, though. Rex Ryan does have a knack for getting the most out of his players. He seems like an excellent motivator, which is what Cromartie needs. He also designs his schemes around the strengths of his players. Antonio is going to play a lot of press man coverage, which is really where his athletic ability shines. He could have a big year.

I also think the overall talent level on both sides of the ball is going to be a real plus. Practice is going to be intense. Edwards and Cromartie matching up is going to raise the level of both's games. There will be plenty of times these guys won't be lined up against somebody as good on Sunday as they were during the week.