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Alcrotraz Shines & Tackles

I'm still not sold on the nickname...just doesn't roll properly.

Anyway Antonio Cromartie has made a positive start to his Jets career being singled out by name in head coach Rex Ryan's opening statement at his press conference yesterday. Throughout the day we were hearing that Cro was out there making plays, tackles and interceptions, so it was hardly surprising to see Rex pick him out from the bunch:

Cro (Antonio Cromartie) did some nice things out there.  We saw that range he has and if you think you’re open don’t forget he has arms that are about six feet long.  If you under-throw it, he’s going to pick it.

The thing I was really impressed with was the tackle he made on LT (LaDainian Tomlinson) today.  In that live period, when he picked him up and knocked him on his back, it was like, "Wahoo! That’s a nice tackle."  They (San Diego Chargers) could have used that in that playoff game (laughter).  It’s funny, a lot of guys will hit when they become a Jet and that is always fun to watch.

There are some fears over Cromartie's tackling ability, but if he can continue to play like he is, and if the fire has been lit under him as it seems it has. I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to see Revis and Cromartie on the same team. He has so many athletic gifts which should make him a top cornerback in the league, if he can bring them all together then 2010 could see his rebirth.

Hearing that he is hitting people, is better than hearing he is intercepting passes in my opinion. We already knew he could go up and get it, but could he tackle? lets hope he keeps it up.