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Rex: Pool Is A "Physical Presence"

One area of the team that we will need to look out for is the safety situation. I've been talking Pool up for a long time, and despite his wobble in practise yesterday, Rex still likes what he sees:

Clearly, I don’t know about that, we’ll see (joking). His pickup was the one that was under the radar. All the other guys we picked up – LaDainian (Tomlinson), (Antonio) Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, Jason Taylor – the guy that was clearly under the radar and overlooked was Brodney Pool. But now, you guys are seeing what we expected out of that deal. He’s a physical presence. He’s got great range. He let a ball go through his hands for a touchdown today, but other than that the kid is tremendous. He studies. He stays right by Jimmy Leonhard. He’s hungry and he wants to be a part of this defense and we’re excited about him.

He is a physical presence. He just gives you another guy that if you want to keep running those end breaking routes and all that stuff, he’s liable to come out and separate you from the ball. That’s always a good thing. Kerry Rhodes, for me, has that ability as well. For whatever reason it’s never clicked as fast as it is for Pool.

Obviously letting the ball slip through your hands has nothing to do with the system, but we have to remember that like some of the other acquisitions he is still learning. Jets fans wanted more presence from their safety, they were sick and tired of shoulder bump tackling. Well Brodney is going to give you that, but he's not going to cover as well as Kerry, although I still persist that he will not be noticeably worse. I do like the "he's liable to come out and separate you from the ball" though.

Lets see how he progresses, but it seems as of right now, Rex likes what he sees.