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The Results Are IN: GGN Contest Winners Announced

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the Stout NYC Contest. We hope this will be the first of many this year, as we are trying to reward you all for being loyal readers. We are lucky in that we have a great group of guys here.

Next, I'd like to say that John, Dave, and myself faced an extremely tough task in picking the winners for the contest, as there were many solid entries. Keep in mind there will be more contests/giveaways in the future, and more chances to win. This is the first of many.



I grew up in Long Island, NY and Jets (and Mets) fan. Twelve years ago I was transferred by my job to Massachusetts.

At first it was not so bad. I knew I would always keep my teams I liked, and the Boston fans were very humble and you almost had some sympathy for them. Almost, but I still didn’t like them. I remember sitting in a bar in Massachusetts when Testaverde was hurt by the Patriots and knocked out for the season. The dirtbag Patriots fans were so happy. This was in addition to the Belicheck resigning as the HC of the NYJ shortly afterwards. Just irritating.

This really began getting bad when Tom Brady and the Patriots won the first of their Super Bowls.

And to top it off- where does Tom Brady live? Not Boston but in New York! And he hates the Jets? He will be another one that comes crawling over to the Jets at the end of his career which I know is soon. I hope if that happens they take his play book and then cut him.

So in short, I would love to win this contest to go party with Jets fans in a real city. Even Brady, as irritating as he is, knows New York is better. (MORE)


First and foremost, any self respecting NY’er has to HATE all things Boston…..Pats, Celts, Red Sox, New England Clam Chowdah, the stupid accents, etc. I hate the idiots in NYC who instantly became Red Sox fans after Boston finaly won a World Series for the first time in 3 generations, when all these hicks came out of the woodwork rocking Red Sox hats. That drove me nuts. Walking down 2nd Avenue after the Sox knocked out the Yankees in the ALCS and some drunk Irish kids in Red Sox hats started screaming about how great they were…I ended up tackling one into a pile of garbage on the street (where the Pats will end up this season once Gholston knocks the snot out of Brady in Week 2).

But the Pats I think are even more annoying than the Red Sox or the Celtics. First and foremost, they have possibly the most hated coach in all of professional sports patrolling the sidelines in that stupid cut off sweatshirt look. Most teams, you never even notice the coach…but Bellicheat is everywhere. The TV cameras constantly capture that smug face of his, the commentators swoon over him like he is a Victoria’s Secret model, and the people of Boston adore him like a rock star. Watching him devising some crazy defensive scheme with his clipboard blocking his mouth, while some intern in the booth is probably telling him exactly what the other team is calling as said intern has tapped the radio waves of the other team. As fans, how can you be so proud of your Superbowl rings when the league has proven that your coach and team are cheaters?

Then there is Tom Brady. That cleft on his chin is the size of the Grand Canyon (MORE)

The Closest Runner-Up You Will Ever Hear Mentioned:


So, will the three of you please shoot me an e-mail (address is listed in my profile) and include in it your GGN username. I will then contact you later in the week, probably Friday, as to how you can collect your tickets. BWJ, I really want to make something work for you too, so I'm going to work on it and I'll let you know.

Again, on behalf of John and the entire GGN team, I'd like to thank everyone for your participation. There will be more from this came from.

Lastly, I'd like to once again thank the kind folks over at EdgeShaveZone for helping organize this wonderful event, and also for inviting the GGN family to join in the festivities!