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The Darrelle Revis Holdout: Making Sense of It All

Like a lot of Jets/NFL fans, I've spent a healthy amount of time squeezing juice out of Twitter/ProFootballTalk/GangGreenNation/any other news outlet for information about the Darrelle Revis situation. I've come across a lot of opinions and seen several sets of facts. I've noticed a lot of fans are confused and mis-informed about the situation, so I figured I would set the facts straight as non-biased as I could.

Let's begin with how it started. In early March or so, the Jets approach Revis in a seemingly generous fashion to discuss a possible long-term deal, because Revis was scheduled to make $1 million in 2010, vastly underpaying the league's top defensive player.

Now, the Jet's idea was to give him a nice raise so he doesn't look like he's playing for so little. Revis thinks it's time to cash in. Therein lies the basis for the disagreement; Revis thinks it's him time to be the top paid CB at around $16 Million a season, and the Jets are all like "WTF, we were just being nice! This is like going over our house for dinner and complaining about the food!"

The Jets, in an uncapped season, could just stomach the bill and pay Revis.  Yet the issue lies not in the rumored $40 million dollar difference between the sides (Jets are offering $120 and Revis wants $160 over 10 years). This is, and has always been, about guaranteed money. In the NFL, the only kind of money is guaranteed money. As I am learning more and more, the only "true" form of guaranteed money is in the form of a "signing bonus", which is money paid to the player as soon as he signs the contract.

In the current CBA, this unique uncapped year only allows for money to be guaranteed against skill OR injury. Mangold's contract is guaranteed against injury; D'Brickashaw Ferguson's is guaranteed against skill. It was the player's choice. If you're wondering why Brick, a top 5 LT in the NFL, chose to guarantee against skill, it's not because he's worried about sucking all of a sudden. He probably has an insurance plan with a private agency that protects him.

Which is exactly why Revis is still sticking to his guns. He knows the Jets can be creative and give him pretty much any kind of contract. He wants to play football; he doesn't want to be a distraction.

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For a second, let's see where Darrelle is coming from. Most guys in the league would be happy to be on a roster. How many of those guys actually are able to start, and perform at such a high level that you get a contract extension? Darrelle knows his value, and he thinks this is his chance to land his huge deal; it's what every player in the league dreams of. He only gets one shot to get this right. Why do you think players want to win so badly? Because they're competitive, and, more importantly, players on winning teams make more money. It's that simple. Sorry to disappoint, but Revis or any other player really doesn't care that Jets fans haven't had a championship in 40+ years.

Let's shift to the Jets. They never intended for this to happen; they we're trying to get a fair deal done, but they've opened Pandora's Box. While Darrelle deserves big money, he DOES have three years left. If this was 2012, Darrelle would be making 16 million a season and would be in camp right now.  In the Jet's eyes, they're doing him a favor threat they don't have to. Technically, they're right. He did hold out for this contract. Most player wait until their fourth, fifth, or sixth year for that monster deal. Revis has three years under his belt.

After all of this, let's put this into perspective. Revis is not going to be traded. Period. The Jets have no reason to, because he is probably the most valuable player in the league right now. In today's age of aerial attacks, CB's are in more demand and harder to find than ever. At his age, he is probably more desirable to GM's than a Peyton Manning. What would the Jets get, two first rounder's to get some linebacker who could bust? Please.

Finally, I am going to stick with my gut. I believe Revis WILL play this season. I just can't imagine someone with that much dedication to what he does to watch everyone play while he chills at home. Also, there's the possibility his skills could diminish is he waits that long, especially if there is no football in 2011. I think a short term solution is the best route, just have the Jets hand out a bunch of guaranteed money to buy time to figure out a longer deal. Woody has the money. The only to reach an agreement is for both sides to give a little. Probably meet somewhere in the middle, around 13 or 14 million. Or load his contract with incentives. Something. There is a way, it's a matter of who has the cooler head and realize that no one is going to get what they want, because in life, you almost never do.