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Name That Quarterback

Let's do a quick comparison.

Quarterback A: 13.67 completions, 22.67 attempts, 60.3 completion percentage,179.67 yards, 1.33 touchdowns, 0.67 interceptions, quarterback rating over 90.

Quarterback B: 11.40 completions, 24.00 attempts, 47.5 completion percentage, 132.00 yards, 0.20 touchdowns, 1.20 interceptions, quarterback rating under 50

See the answers after the jump.

Quarterback A is Mark Sanchez's average stat line in in 3 Playoff games.

Quarterback B is Joe Flacco's average stat line in 5 Playoff games.


Are there certain aspects of Sanchez's game with which we should be concerned? Certainly, but if we are going to go crazy over games that mean nothing, we should at least gain hope by looking at the way he has elevated his play in the biggest games of his life. He wipes the floor with a guy many falsely believe is a big game quarterback. Flacco has literally been carried through his career by his teammates and come up small in big spots. Even if one takes out his horrific 34 yard passing game at New England, the numbers aren't too pretty.

I'm not sure whether Sanchez is a better quarterback than Flacco today, but the case isn't as complete as the media might lead one to believe. Sanchez might be a better bet and Flacco less of a good one than the conventional wisdom seems to dictate.

Take it easy on Sanchez until he messes up in a real game.