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Rex: "Clemens has a pretty strong chance to make this team"

According to Jenny Vrentas:

Ryan said Clemens has "a pretty strong chance of making this team."

Ever since the day the Jets brought in Mark Brunell, Kellen Clemens days as a green and white QB looked numbered. Fuelled by reports that the Jets were shopping him, and the little "x" next to his name on last weeks hard knocks episode, it seemed a matter of when rather than If.

However there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Clemens career in New York. You can read it two ways, either Rex Ryan is truly saying Clemens has a chance. Or he is trying to give the impression the Jets are keen to keep him and won't release, perhaps trying to force a team to give up something of value.

Personally I really think that it's the first one. Brunel has looked disastrous so far, and O'Connell hasn't done anything to show he is ready. Clemens knows the system, and I'd be a lot more comfortable with him behind centre if anything happened to Sanchez. I'm not saying he has had a great pre-season, but out of the three back-up's he has definitely looked the better guy.

It has always made sense to me to have Clemens stay here just in case. If we want Brunell as the coach, that's absolutely fine, I'd prefer him not take up a roster spot, but have him as the #3 if need be, and let Clemens manage the team if he is needed.