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Brett Favre Retires (Again...Maybe)

As of right now, it looks like Brett Favre will not return for the 2010 season. While retirement is usually temporary with Favre. This impacts the Jets. I'm not going to comment about the year Brett spent in green and white. Go into the archives to see my take on that.

The Jets play the Vikings in Week 5. If Favre does not return, Minnesota will have either career backup Sage Rosenfels or Minnesota's answer to Kellen Clemens, Tavaris Jackson, starting under center. It sounds like a scary proposition to have either guy in the teeth of New York's defense. There's a reason Minnesota went so hard after an aging breaking down quarterback last year and made special rules for him. Rosenfels and Jackson probably aren't answers at the most important position on the field. The Jets will be able to load up on Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart.

If this sticks, Week 5 just got a lot easier.