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Revis Contract Saga Update: Jets Reportedly Initiated Contact

No one likes not seeing Darrelle Revis actively participating in training camp in Cortland with the rest of the team.

The same goes for the Jets' organization, as reports are citing they recently reached out to Revis' camp to try and end this contract impasse.

According to Jenny Vrentas and N.J. Star-Ledger, the Jets yesterday planned to contact cornerback Darrelle Revis' camp last night. Revis' agent, Jon Feinsod, confirmed that GM Mike Tannenbaum did reach out to him last night, and sheds some light on the issue:

"Anything said will remain confidential," Feinsod said. "When there's something to look for, we'll let you know."

What a nice guy, him and Neil Schwartz really are characters. Nice people, really.

Furthermore, Manish Mehta is reporting the talks occurred last night in this recent Tweet:

Jets spoke to them around 11pm yesterday.

So the sides are talking, but there's been a lot of that over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully a deal can be worked out soon, as John reported earlier Revis isn't the only star on this team, but methinks he is the most vital piece of the puzzle into making a Super Bowl run during the 2010-11 season.