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How Valuable Will the Jets' Defense Be in Fantasy Football?

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It has taken a bit longer than anticipated to get everything set up for the GGN Fantasy League so don't worry that you haven't heard back from me if you're in the league. I will make sure nobody is left behind. You'll hear soon.

Last year the Jets had the most valuable defense in fantasy football according to CBS Sportsline with 241 points in standard scoring. Giving up the fewest yards and points in the league will do that. It's not unreasonable to expect a similar output this year. The team has made some upgrades on defense. The players will be more familiar with the playbook, which will open things up, and Kris Jenkins will be back. Let's be conservative, though, and say the Jets will be about the same.

Does this mean you should scoop up the Jets early? To put it simply, no. Say you are in a 12 team league, which you can purchase for $7.50 a player on CBS' award winning Fantasy Football Commissioner through GGN with a 14 day risk free trial. The average for the 12th best defense in the league has been 187 points since 2007. The difference is an average of less than 3 points each week. The difference is even less if you buy a 10 team league for $9.99 per player. Compare that with other positions.

The best quarterback puts up an average of 427 points since 2007. Number 12 puts up an average of 252. That's a difference of almost 11 points per week.

The best running back has an average of 309 points since 2007. Now assume teams start 2 backs in your league. Number 24 has an average of 140 points. That's a 10.5 point a week difference between the best and worst starter.

What if your league has 3 starting receivers? The best guy is putting up 260 points in the past 3 years. Guy number 36 averages 103. That's almost 10 points between the best and worst starter.

Is this methodology perfect? Not by a long shot, but it does display something striking. There is very little difference between the best starting defense and the worst starting defense. There are big differences at the skill positions. Enjoy watching the Jets defense on Sunday, but wait in your fantasy draft. Stock up at depth in the difference making spots.