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Could the Jets Survive Life Without Revis?

While it would frankly be shocking to see things get to the point where Darrelle Revis has played his last game as a Jet, as Jets fans the shocking worst case scenario does seem to take place frequently. It's worth asking how the Jets would be without Revis.

SportsNation did a poll yesterday:

Viewers were asked if they believed that Darrelle Revis is vital to the Jets’ success this season and an impressive 82% of 5,018 polled answered yes.
Despite the overwhelming percentage, SportsNation co-host Colin Cowherd disagreed, "No, he’s a great player, but this is an excellent team. They have Santonio Holmes, David Harris, Bart Scott, Kris Jenkins, maybe the best offensive line in the game, Rex Ryan who is the best defensive mind in the NFL. This team is not dependant solely on Darrelle Revis".

I think Cowherd is right. As great as Revis is, he is only one player. Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson would have the potential to be an above average starting tandem. The Jets would still have plenty of playmakers on both sides of the ball.

They are obviously a much better team with Revis, though. Revis is a better starter than Wilson. Wilson would probably be a better nickel than Dwight Lowery. Revis gives the defense flexibility in coverage neither Cromartie nor Wilson would.

It's like asking whether the Jets could survive without Kris Jenkins. They did it last year. Sione Pouha stepped up. The team still wants Jenkins out there, though. It's a better team with both Kris and Sione. It's just easier with the best guy in there.

How do you think things would look without Revis?