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Jets Possibly Interested in Adalius Thomas

In the wake of Calvin Pace's foot injury, Rex Ryan confirmed today that bringing in former pupil, Adalius Thomas, could happen.

"I talked to ‘AD’ and I would say it would be a possibility (signing him); I’m not going to rule (signing him) out,’’ Ryan said.


I think Thomas would be a good fit. He had his most productive years under Rex in Baltimore. He made the Pro Bowl and earned a big contract from the Patriots through his play with the Ravens. Rex found creative ways to use his athleticism, intellect, and versatility in moving him all over the field to try and create mismatches. He lined up almost everywhere, including corner. As much as I would love to see young guys like Jamaal Westerman and Kenwin Cummings get a chance to step up, I could not argue with bringing in Thomas for depth at least until Pace is back.