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Second Deadline Passes for Darrelle Revis Contract Talks

It is now Sunday. Darrelle Revis still does not have a new contract. He is still holding out. Tim Cowlishaw was wrong. The Dallas based writer said a new deal would happen either Wednesday or Saturday. Over the past seven days, I said many times that it would not make sense for a writer to risk his credibility by divulging anything other than rock solid information. It might not have made sense, but that is what Cowlishaw did. His credibility sadly has to take a major hit on this.

I'll give him a bit of credit forbeing honest and admitting he messed up. That's quite a contrast from a guy like Florio who never stops bragging whenever he gets something right but conveniently neglects to mention the many, many, many, many times he gets something wrong. At the same time, though, Cowlishaw absolutely blasted anybody questioning the story. That makes him look very bad. You had better be right when you do something like that.

Right now very few people really can say where these negotiations stand. A number of other sources have indicated the sides are talking and close. Is this a sign the sides are at least talking and making progress? I don't know. Neither do most if not all media members. As George Costanza would say, this story is like an onion. The more layers you peel, the more it stinks.