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Still Salty Over Old News, Arizona Cardinals Sue Calvin Pace

On Wednesday, the Arizona Cardinals, or "Jets West" as we call them, decided to formally file a lawsuit against Jets' OLB Calvin Pace.

The Cardinals and NFL Management Council are suing to demand he pay $2.8M for lost time during the 2005 season, citing that his severe arm injury was sustained while arm wrestling with a friend. This has been an ongoing issue, as the Cardinals have been trying to collect their money since 2006.

In January 2006, the Cardinals filed a grievance. Earlier this year, an arbitration meeting took place in Tempe, Az.. Arbitrator Michael Beck presided over the case, and issued a final ruling last month against Pace, which went in favor of the Cardinals' organization.

Still, Pace has not budged, and has not paid them. Unfortunately, now he is in violation of the league's collective bargaining agreement, which requires Pace to submit to the arbitration terms, or challenge the ruling. He has done neither.

Now, The Cardinals and NFL management council want a judge to confirm the ruling, which would force Pace to not only pay the $2.8M, but also lawyers' fees who were involved in the case.

Doesn't look good for Pace, he may have run out of options here.