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Jets vs. Redskins: Five Things to Watch

Tonight is the third preseason game. Since the starters play the longest, many consider it the most important preseason affair. That is a relative term, though. I don't think the Rams would stand toe to toe with the Patriots in Foxborough in a real game like they did last night. Here are a few things I will keep my eye on in this game.

Mark Sanchez's Decision Making: This is always the hot topic. Even more than move the team, I want to see Mark Sanchez protect the football. He has thrown three very dangerous balls in the first two games. Considering the amount of time he spent on the field is three quarters, that is way too many. One good preseason game will not alleviate any worries. Even one good regular season game would not do that. He is going to need to string together a good month or two before people start having faith. It has to start somewhere, though.

Mark Brunell: There hasn't been a ton to love from his play to this point. He is only a play away from starting. Will we see any encouraging signs as Brunell takes on a former team?

Third Down Defense: I'm not talking so much about the results as much as the scheme. The Jets went zone on third down last week more than I can remember them doing under Rex Ryan. Will they do it again this week? Was it an experiment, or will life without Darrelle Revis cause the team to play it safer with coverages?

Vernon Gholston: Can he build on last week's performance? Can he keep winning battles? Will we ever see evidence of this new role the team claims he is in? The guy will probably never live up to the investment the Jets made in him, but continued signs he actually might contribute something to the team this year would be nice.

Woodhead vs. Washington: Nobody knows whether the Jets will carry four halfbacks. Five would seem unlikely. Washington made this a real competition last week with his special teams hit. He also looked better running the ball than Woodhead has in my opinion. Woodhead is fast, but he doesn't seem to make guys miss or have the ability to break tackles.