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Jets Rank Sixth in Forbes' NFL Team Valuations

We know Jets' owner Woody Johnson is one heck of a businessman, and GM Mike Tannenbaum is one of the best negotiators in the NFL. However, beyond that, how does the Jets' organization stack up against the rest of the NFL? What type of numbers do they put up?

Forbes' Magazine did some research and compiled their 2010 NFL Team Valuations, which proclaimed that the Jets' organization is the NFL's sixth most valuable franchise this year.

Here is the breakdown, according to their report, which can be viewed in its entirety (here):

Team Value1

$1.1 bil

New York Jets are owned by Robert Wood Johnson IV, who bought them in 2000 for $635 mil.
Player-costs-to-win ratio8 133
Coach Rex Ryan
Metro area population 19,070,000
Revenue per fan11 $8
Media Partners
Preseason TV WCBS-TV, SNY
Radio 1050 ESPN, 1280 WADO
National TV ratings rank9 31
Valuation Breakdown
Sport $766 mil
Market $197 mil
Stadium $110 mil
Brand Management $70 mil

The report also cites the Jets' revenue as being $238M last year, which is $11M more last than that of last year's. Furthermore, operating income costs came out to $7.6M and player expenses weighed in at $160M.

I'm starting to like Forbes for their accuracy and fairness! If we remember, also released their "SportsMoney 50-50" list, which ranked Jets as #9 in the top 50 franchises in the world.

The Jets did drop a spot this year, as last season they weighed in at #5. However, the numbers they put up this season were an improvement upon last year's, so that in itself is a good sign.