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Jets' Hard Knocks Episode 3 Recap: Westhoff Steals the Show

Today's episode was the weakest one of the season so far. Had it not been for Mike Westhoff and his hilarious one liners, it would have actually been somewhat tame.

Still, it was a solid viewing, so let's get down to the recap.


NT Kris Jenkins tells the defense that the message they sent in the preseason opener against the Giants made it appear as if some of the guys wanted to go home.

GM Mike Tannenbaum spoke about how the Jets possessed the football 13:21 in 3Q of Giants' game, yet were somehow outscored in that quarter.


  • Special Teams' Coach Mike Westhoff is a straight shooter, and boy, did he entertain us with some quality quotes:

    1. "Take your time and F--- around a little bit more." "I don't want to hear that sh--, you'll never play for me."

    2. On WR David Clowney, who HBO referred to as someone whoisn't a big part of the Jets offense.' "We've been talking about David's ability, for crying out loud, since Bush was president.." "..."he could be a star, but I don't know"

    3. In watching the coaches meet and speak about him, it looked as if they're doing everything they can to find reasons to keep Clowney, but he's not performing up to the level they expect him to.

    4. To Matt Mulligan-"Quit getting f---ing exasperated, you didn't play that many plays and you look like you're dead. "I don't give a sh-- if you have the triple f---ing Asian flu."

    5. About LB  Brashton Satele "Let him open up his freaking pizza shop in the Bronx and leave me alone."

    6. LB Ropati Pitoitua looked explosive, and was getting off blocks extremely well. Pettine saw some improvement as well and said: "He's becoming a lot more consistent."
  • Cue Rex on the treadmill, along with Tannenbaum, Braylon, Rex, Damien Woody, and Woody Johnson. Woody Johnson runs faster than I do!
  • Hazing to the extreme! CB Brian Jackson was tied up to a goalpost by Bart Scott, Cromartie, and Jason Taylor. Was doused with baby powder, Icy Hot, and Gatorade. What a brutal rookie hazing!

The Depth Chart:

GM Mike Tannenbaum revealed the team's depth chart, something I did not understand. I'm sure I'm not the only one who paused and wrote down what the Jets had listed. Anyways, here is what it comprised:

On Offense (25):

  • 3 QBs
  • 5 RBs
  • 8 O-Lineman]
  • 4 TEs (Can Keller, Hartsock, Cumberland, Mulligan actually all make the team?)
  • 5 WRs

On Defense (23):

  • 5 CBs
  • 4 Safeties
  • 6 D-Lineman
  • 4 OLBs
  • 4 ILBs
  • Add in the three special teamers, and it comes out 25 players on offense, and 23 on defense, with two spots remaining, most likely for special teams. Rex: "Is it woodhead, is it D-Lineman..." "....Jason Davis... is it Lance [Laury], Mulligan" "... or even Larry Taylor."
  • Bart Scott during magic act at Rookie Show: "Make Revis show up, that'd be a helluva trick."
  • King Ugly results were as follows: 2nd AND 3rd place --- Vlad Ducasse, and winner, CB Brian Jackson, who is handed a cape, crown, and plunger. That is one ROUGH day for Jackson!

Preseason Game in Carolina:

  • Jenkins carried LB Ropati Pitoitua on his back after he went down with an Achilles injury, showing the type of leader he is. It was a very sad moment after Pitoitua's injury was diagnosed and he realized he'd probably be missing the rest of the season.
  • RB Chauncey Washington provided a huge hit forcing a fumble on a punt return. Rex shared his thoughts on the hit: "Holy sh--, that was a f---ng hit." His reward? The game ball.

Return to the Facility in Florham:

  • Mangold signs his deal. "It's a dream that kids have while growing up.. I appreciate everyone that helped me along the way."
  • OT Adam Tadisch gets cut. Pro Personnel coach Brendan Prophett: "You came in late, it's a challenge to come into the system that quick." "The speed of the game was challenging you,"