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Mid-Preseason Winners and Losers

Honestly, all I want to know right now is whether Revis is going to play or not. So before my mind goes numb with these conflicting reports, I figure we'll do a quick recap on the players actually, well, playing football for the New York Jets right now. Yes, I am stealing this idea from Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, who does his own "Winners and Losers" column after each NFL week.

Lets start with the Winners:

Kyle Wilson: While he may have been literally handed the job (Dwight Lowrey conceded the starting spot), he has had a great camp so far. Jets fans have to be counting their blessings that the Jets drafted him, and that the Pats, Texans and Browns all passed on him for other corners.

Matt Slauson: The biggest "true" position battle of camp, 6th round pick Slauson has taken a substantial lead over this year's second round pick Vladimir Ducasse. Whether he keeps it remains to be seen, but this is MID-PRESEASON awards for a reason.

John Conner - If T-Rich wasn't still around,  the coaching staff would have no problem starting him.

Vernon Gholston - I never thought Gholston would end up on this side with the winners, but with Ropati out, he will play a crucial role this year. That's right, I just put "crucial role" and "Gholston" in the same sentence.

LaDanian Tomlinson - Hes looked fantastic in the two preseason games. If he just accepts his role, he will have a tremendous year in a much better locker room.

HBO - I heard ratings were up like 35% from last year's years Hard Knocks.

Losers after the Jump:


2nd Team Secondary: Not only were they torched against the Giants, but with Revis out, they will need to play in roles that they may not be able to fill.

Joe McKnight: If you haven't seen the second episode of Hard Knocks, it pretty much sums it all up. He had a nice return against Carolina. Give this kid a little time though.

Kellen Clemens: It's not that he's played bad, but for someone aspiring to be a starter, getting replaced and pushed down the depth chart and on the trading block isn't the nicest place to be.

Mike Tannenbuam - I just feel bad for the guy who has to deal with the Revis thing on a daily basis.

Jason Davis - He would make just about any other roster except the Jets. He's stuck between The Terminator and Tony Richardson. Not where you want to be.

Darrelle Revis - Just because he's missing out on a great opportunity, I have to put him here. Not to mention he's killed his image.