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Update: Revis Contract Report Confirmed by Two Other Sources

Tim Cowlishaw's report about Darrelle Revis and the Jets being close to a deal is being corroborated by the following sources.

AOL Fanhouse's Dan Graziano:

FanHouse's source said Tuesday that the Cowlishaw report was accurate, that the two sides were planning to meet Tuesday night, and that the negotiations had progressed to the point where the deal could be announced in the coming days.

ESPN Radio 1050's Bill Daughtry (hat tip to The Jets Blog):

Filling in for Michael Kay, Bill Daughtry just said on 1050 ESPN, that he has a source confirming the Cowlishaw story – in essence confirming the facts that Revis will sign this week with the likelihood of him being back by Thursday.


It's not just Tim Cowlishaw anymore.