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Revis & Jets to Meet Tonight UPDATE

6:36pm (UPDATE): Bart Hubbuch, NY Post:

All indications are that reports of a meeting tonight between Revis and the #Jets are not true.

According to the new man in the know Tim Cowlishaw:

Jets' meeting with Revis' people tonite will decide if I was a little overconfident in my initial prediction. But they're talking.

Which was followed by another tweet by Tim:

Revis taped TV interview yesterday to air Wednesday. Not part of "Hard Knocks" I don't think. Checking now to find out what said.

It's still a sit and wait type deal, but the two sides talking and a TV interview to air on Wednesday. Writers and members alike here at GGN insisted that no journalist would put his reputation on the line like this without having knowledge. As far as I can see, it is gathering steam by the day. ESPN 1050 also ran a radio segment earlier which seemed to back up Cowlishaw's claims.