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There's Comedy...

...and then there's Mike Florio being critical of somebody for allegedly stretching the truth. Florio doesn't believe Tim Cowlishaw that a Darrelle Revis deal is getting done. Now if Cowlishaw's two decade career of being accurate didn't convince you he might be onto something, the fact Florio thinks he is making the story up should.

Let's take a look at some of Florio's nonsense:

Meanwhile, we don't fault Cowlishaw for laying the foundation for an eventual retreat.  Since he openly believes that it's normal and acceptable for beat writers to "shoot down" stories like this even if they're accurate, Cowlishaw probably also believes it's normal and acceptable to swing the bat, miss the ball, and then blame the pitcher.

Now if it wasn't funny enough that the least reputable football writer in the business is criticizing a guy who is actually a good writer, check out what Florio himself wrote earlier in the article:

Sure, maybe the Jets and Revis have decided as part of their code of silence that they'll jointly spring the announcement on the world via a "special announcement" at the start of Wednesday night's edition of HBO's Hard Knocks, perhaps even with a live broadcast of the signing ceremony.  But if that's what's happening, more than one guy would inevitably find out about it -- and once word of it got out at least one "source with knowledge of the situation" would do something other than lie through his teeth. 

That sure looks to me like Florio is building the foundation for an eventual retreat by swinging the bat, missing the ball, and blaming the pitcher if he is wrong.

I understand nobody thinks Florio is credible. Normally I just let his ridiculous rantings go, but this takes the cake even for him. Unlike Florio, Cowlishaw has a reputation for being accurate. I'm not sure hypocritical is a strong enough word to describe what this article is.