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Woody Denies Revis News...Or Does He?

Rod Boone tweets an interesting quote from Woody Johnson:

Woody Johnson on whether there's anything new on the Darrelle Revis front: "No. We're in a quiet phase. Both sides agreed to do that."


At first glance, it looks like Woody is denying anything is in the works. Read it closer, though. It looks like Woody might just be saying that he's not talking about it either way. Remember, there is a media embargo from both sides on this. Saying anything substantive would break the agreement to stay quiet in public.

Maybe I am just hoping this is true, but I think people are being too quick to debunk Tim Cowlishaw. I can think of a logical explanation for how he could be right. The beat writers and people in the know are using sources near the Jets and Revis, but those sources agreed to not give the press any news. Cowlishaw's source could be a third party. I still can't figure out a logicial explanation for a respected writer to openly destroy his credibility by making something up.