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Nick Mangold Agrees to a 7 year $55 Million Deal

Dave Hutchinson & Jenny Vrentas report for Star-Ledger:

Mangold and the team have reached an agreement on a new, seven-year deal worth $55 million, according to someone with direct knowledge of the details of the contract.

That person requested anonymity because they are not authorized to speak for Mangold or the team. The amount of guaranteed money is still being negotiated but is expected to be more than the $20 million Rams center Jason Brown received last year.

More reaction to come, but congratulations to Nick. He showed up, and he's got paid. Another of the core 4 locked up long term. Not "official" official, but this is how it usually goes, just the guaranteed money to reveal and official announcements.

Earlier today Mangold said that he would love to be with the Jets long term, and Rex added that locking the best centre in the league up would be a huge step for the Jets. Well today that's happened. Nick has continually improved since being drafted with the 29th pick of the 2006 draft.

The Jets have enjoyed consistent line play over the last two seasons, and locking the two young pro bowlers up is a big step forward. Earlier this off-season when asked why he was not holding out, Mangold commented that Slauson and Ducasse needed help, and that he wouldn't let the offensive line be the weak link of the team. It's that kind of character on top of ability that makes you proud to have him as a Jet.

The guaranteed money over $20 million is perfectly reasonable in my opinion (of course depending how high it is), and it will be interesting to see the structure of the full contract.